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  • On the panic in the streets about $3.00 gasoline:

  • First of all, the Democrats wailing and whining about the high prices have forgotten they are supposed to be friends of the Greens.

  • Higher gas prices. Less driving. Less driving. Less greenhouse gasses.

  • Why isn't Nancy Pelosi cheering high gasoline prices?

  • When I was in Paris a few weeks ago, I noted gasoline was 2.55 Euros per Liter.

  • Tell me if I did this right:
    There are 3.78 Liters per gallon
    2.55 Euros equals $3.17
    $3.17 x 3.78 = $11.98 per gallon.

  • I am in New York as I type this, so I went to a local grocery store and bought a bottle of water. 99 cents. 16.9 fluid ounces.

  • For those who slept through this in third grade, there are 128 ounces to the gallon. 99 cents for 16.9 ounces = $7.50 per gallon.

  • For water.

  • Get me Nancy Pelosi on the phone.


  • And this will be the list time I do this. As of last night, the Marines of Companies A, E, G, and H, Marine Security Guard Battalion - who had a goal of about $3,500 when this started - have now exceeded their most recent goal of $30,000.

  • A good deal of that money was raised by Mullsters. Thank you.

  • On a the Secret Decoder Ring page today: That link to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund plus; One of those very popular license plate Mullfotos, a photo of the Standing-room-only "seats", a link to the NY Times article ABOUT the Standing-room-only "seats" and a Catchy Caption of the day.

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