Rich Galen
  • I've just about had it with everyone. First of all we have these continuing stories of Members of Congress acting badly. Either they are guilty of outright bribery and corruption, or they acting in a way that is so close to the edge that they make the Duke Lacrosse team look like a Brownie troop selling Thin Mints in the garden center parking lot.

  • This thug Mollohan from West Virginia is typical - remember he's the guy who, on an annual salary of about $160 k managed to grow his net worth from about $100,000 to something on the order of $14 million in just five years - but he's certainly not alone.

  • And as much as the Democrats wish they could say it's all the Republicans; I wish I could say it's all the Democrats.

  • It's both. Not all, but both.

  • Members of Congress piously and piteously claim they are struggling public servants, but it is becoming clearer that way too many of them are using their public positions not to serve their constituents, but to enrich themselves and their friends.

  • Here's what I think they should do: The August recess is scheduled to begin on July 31 and last until September 5. Thirty-seven days.

  • Rather than taking trips to Paris or Rome, or spending nights in five star hotels in Hong Kong or Beijing they should each pledge to spend just four days - about 10 percent of their summer vacation - living with a military unit which has been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan in the past six months.

  • Not in Iraq or Afghanistan; that would be too hard. I mean live with the enlisted personnel of a unit which is back in the United States.

  • And they shouldn't live in VIP quarters. They should live in the barracks and eat in the mess halls and spend all day cleaning and repairing the aging equipment. And listen to the stories of young men and women who are truly serving their country.

  • And not getting rich along the way.

  • Just when you didn't think anyone could be scummier than Members of Congress taking bribes, comes the news that a US Government employee named Robert Stein who was stationed down in Hillah (near Babylon) was on the take from a man named Phillip Bloom who paid out $2 million in bribes to get nearly $9 million in Iraq reconstruction contracts.

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