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    Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s attempt to pack the Supreme Court didn’t make it. Bill did.

    Eisenhower’s allowing U-2 flights over the Soviet Union in advance of a summit (which was cancelled when one of the spy planes was shot down) didn’t make it. Bill did.

    Jimmy Carter’s impotence in the face of Islamo-fascist elements in Iran (which had a direct impact on riots over cartoons published in Denmark) didn’t make the list. Bill did.

  • One person surveyed say he believed the Clinton scandal deserved a higher ranking because it led to the partisanship which now exists in Washington.
  • As we know, 43 men have held the title: President of the United States. All have made mistakes, most made lots of them. To be selected as having made one of the ten most egregious mistakes is remarkable.
  • Of the ten goofs, eight had to do with foreign policy or the Civil War. Only two: Clinton and Nixon’s Watergate scandal, were wholly domestic and non-military.
  • It tells us something that Nixon continues to be held in, as Churchill once said, “limited high regard” by American historians, while Bill Clinton has pretty much skated on the whole thing.
  • I hope Hillary runs so those of us who completed our undergraduate work in less than 10 years – although not much less than 10 years – can debate (in a scholarly way, you understand) the long term implications of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
  • New Topic: Someone in Nebraska has apparently won the $365 million Powerball Lottery.
  • I was thinking yesterday that if I had won (which was unlikely if only because I didn’t buy a ticket) and had been asked what I was going to do with the money, this was going to be the conversation:
    • “I am going to buy a Pug puppy so my granddog, Titus, can have a playmate”

      “How much does a Pug puppy cost?”

      “About $350.”

      “What about the rest of the money?”

      “I’m going to buy a $364,999,650 house for him to live in.”

  • On a the Secret Decoder Ring page today: A link to the survey on Presidential blunders; a Mullfoto demonstrating my solidarity with VP Cheney; and a Catchy Caption of the Day which explains why the US is doing so badly in the Winter Olympics.

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