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  • In common American usage, the "unskilled or semiskilled labor" were slaves. Black slaves.

  • I am surprised that Black leaders didn't say that using the imagery of a "plantation" as a cheap political punch line, belittled the cruelty and inhumanity which Blacks suffered in the era of slavery in the US.

  • But they didn't. They allowed themselves to be patronized by Hillary, and thus belittled themselves.

  • Imagine if Hillary Rodham Yenta Clinton had not been speaking at Black Church in Harlem but, rather, had been speaking at a Jewish Synagogue in Queens. And suppose she had said that the Republican-controlled House "has been run like a concentration camp."

  • Think she would have gotten away with it?

  • What's the difference?

  • Before our appearance on Wolf Blitzer's CNN program yesterday, I asked former Democratic Chairman of the Democratic Party of California if they were going to be able to find anyone to run against Arnold for Governor. He countered by asking if the GOP had found anyone to run against Hillary for US Senate.

  • The difference is: Hillary is running for President in 2008. Arnold is not.

  • That "plantation" line might well prove a pyrrhic victory. She might have scord cheap points in Harlem - where she didn't need them. And for the price of it, find herself in big trouble in southern and border states in 2008 when her primary opponents like Mark Warner of Virginia and Bill Richardson of New Mexico, throw that remark in her face.

  • Can't wait.

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