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  • Words have meaning. Words spoken in haste or in anger or in horror are often harsher than would be spoken in normal conversation.

  • Words spoken in a heightened state of emotion are forgivable. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Please forgive me," are almost always … forgiven.

  • But words spoken in measured tones, or before a friendly audience are keepers. You cannot say, "Oops.

  • While speaking at a Black church in Harlem, New York on Martin Luther King's birthday, Hillary Rodham Jemima Clinton said that the Bush Administration was the worst in American history.

  • If that had been the worst thing she had said, it would have gone down in as a footnote; as a stupid remark made by a New York Senator, simultaneously running for re-election and for President and trying to, like her sometime-husband, triangulate among the moderate wing of the Democratic party and its extreme left wing. In a real sense, she was preaching to the choir.

  • But, as you know, she went on to say, according to the Associated Press, that the Republican-controlled House "has been run like a plantation."

  • This was said in response to a question, which led me to suggest on Fox 'n Friends yesterday morning that it had all the earmarks of a planted (pun intended) question and a rehearsed answer.

  • First of all Hillary Rodham Jemima Clinton is a member of the US Senate. There is a long tradition in the Congress of the United States that a member of the Senate does not criticize the House and a member of the House does not criticize the Senate.

  • In fact, until recently it was considered bad form to even mention the other guys. They were referred to as "the other body."

  • So, Hillary Rodham Jemima Clinton decided to use the highly charge word, "plantation," in a Black church on King's birthday to score political points.

  • It was pandering at its lowest.

  • Black political leaders (hold onto me lest I faint) leapt to her defense. That surprised me.\

  • According to the Merriam-Webster Unabridged, the definition of a "plantation" is:
    A (usually) large estate in a tropical or subtropical region that is generally cultivated by unskilled or semiskilled labor under central direction.

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