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  • On the night when Mrs. Alito left the hearing room in tears,
    "senior Democratic senate aides convened at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, stunned at the realization that the pictures of a weeping Mrs. Alito were being broadcast across the nation - as opposed to, for example, images of Senator Kennedy … pressing Judge Alito about his membership in an alumni club that resisted affirmative action effort."

  • Consider this: Senior Democratic aides were stunned that Americans were moved by Mrs. Alito's real tears, rather than Kennedy's specious, insulting and offensive suggestions that Judge Alito had a single biased bone in his body.

  • And the Democrats wonder why they are not connecting with the American people. Earth to Schumer.

  • By the way, someone please explain to me why the national press corps hyperventilated over the "Swift Boat" ads against John Kerry (claiming they were based on tissue-thin, if not actually false, connections); but reported, in sober and solemn prose, Sen. Kennedy's absolutely false implication that Alito was an active member and supporter of the Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

  • Does the name "Joseph McCarthy" strike a familiar note here?

  • If a Republican member of the Committee had launched a similar attack against a Liberal judge the Press Corps would have run screaming from the hearing room looking like the subject in an Edvard Munch painting.

  • The net result of all this is:
    The conduct of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee will make it harder for them to claim any kind of moral high ground as the President nominates additional conservatives for the Federal judiciary, and;

    Sam Alito will be confirmed by the Senate, probably by month's end, and will be a superb Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court.

  • Elections matter.

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