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  • Just when you think it can't get any weirder here in Your Nation's Capital, here come 76 little trombone-playing bunny rabbits marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, with 110 cornet-playing llamas close at hand. They were followed by rows and rows of globally warmed-up Eskimos …

    Dear Mr. Mullings:

    Can we assume, by this, that "The Music Man" was on Turner Classic Movies this weekend?

    No. It just came to me as a muse. Muse it, man.

    That's enough.

  • Ok. Here we go:

  • President Bush's strongest allies during the eagerly awaited hearings into the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito were … the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  • In case there was anyone on the North American continent who didn't believe the Democrats were only interested in the politics of the Alito hearings, I commend to you yesterdays front pager in the NY Times by Adam Nagourney, "Glum Democrats Can't See Halting Bush on Courts."

  • It turns out that "42 of the 50" Senate Democrats attended "a private retreat" in April 2001, "in Farmington, Pa., to hear from experts and discuss ways they could fight a Bush effort to remake the judiciary."

  • What? The "good government" party playing cheap politics with the Federal Judiciary? The vocally outraged opponents of the despicable political ploys generated by the GOP caught plotting with outsiders?

  • The teammates of the terminally virtuous Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden conspiring to undermine the US Constitution?

  • Has to be a misprint.

  • Whoa. Check please! This plot was hatched in 2001? And we're just hearing about it now? Did the Times withhold publication until after the Alito hearings were concluded? This has an eerily familiar ring.

  • The NY Times in collusion with Democrats. Now, that's a shock. The GOP should have a hearing: What did Adam Nagourney know and when did he know it?

  • Not only did the Senate Democrats have a long-term strategy to derail the Constitution, but there were nightly meetings among the Democrats to discuss tactics for the next day.

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