Rich Galen

THE RANKING DEMOCRAT: Mr. Galen, do you promise to recuse yourself from any project or program which includes a group, association, or company which may have been a client of yours?

MR. GALEN: Sure. As soon as you promise to recuse yourself from voting on any bill which may affect any group, association, or company which has donated to your campaign fund.

THE RANKING DEMOCRAT: Mr. Chairman, I see that I have another important meeting, so I yield back the balance of my time.

MR. GALEN: Thanks for stopping by, Senator.

THE CHAIRMAN: Inasmuch as there are no other Senators in attendance, I will adjourn this hearing and, by unanimous consent, declare that your nomination be taken up by the full Senate.

MR. GALEN: You mean you're APPROVING me?



  • Here is a great idea from Mullster Barbara from North Carolina:
    My daughter Meggie, who loved your stories of the Double Stuffed Oreos in Iraq asked me to let you know she is trying to do her part.

    With the advent of the Girl Scout Cookie Sale her council Pines of Carolina (Raleigh - Durham - Fayetteville) have added an option to let each customer donate a box(es) of cookies (to be determined by the Army) to the troops in Iraq. The council goal is 10,000 boxes. It is called Operation Thin Mint. Meggie is suggesting each customer donate a box. We will update you on the final count.

    Have a Blessed Day


  • That's a wonderful idea. If you want to participate, call your local Girl Scout Council (you can find the link on the Secret Decoder Ring page) and give them a buzz.

  • Thanks, Barbara.

  • On the Secret Decoder Ring page today: The promised link to the Girls Scout councils; a mind-boggling Mullfoto; and a - not Separated at Birth - but a "Secret Son" Catchy Caption of the Day.

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