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  • Last Friday, when I was on CNN with Paul Begala, substitute anchor John King said:
    "I want to read you a quote, here, from Senator Ted Kennedy … This is what he told the Washington Times: "I'm concerned that Judge Alito's statements, writings, and decisions suggest an unmistakable tendency to favor strong executive authority."

  • To which I responded:
    "I have to tell you that of all the people on the Hill who should be careful about looking back 20 or 25 years into what somebody may have done or said 25 years ago, Ted Kennedy is probably at the top of that list."

  • To which Begala responded:
    "Senator Kennedy gets a six-year contract renewed every six years by the people of Massachusetts. They have passed on his integrity for 42 years, and it is beyond question."

  • Not bad for old Paul, but that "integrity beyond question" business is just a little suspect.

  • Here's the problem for the Democrats in the Senate and over at the Democratic National Committee HQ: The only people who think Judge Alito shouldn't be confirmed are the same people who think John Kerry really won Ohio.

  • The Associate Press' Tom Raum wrote leading his analysis:
    Samuel Alito is no John Roberts. Roberts wooed senators of both parties with a dazzling command of legal precedent and social ease to win confirmation as Chief Justice of the United States.

  • Ah! The new standard Democrats are demanding (in addition to swearing he will never, ever, ever do anything other than fully and unquestioningly endorse the National Abortion Rights Action League's position) that a Supreme Court Justice must be able to double for Cary Grant.

  • By the way, how did it come to pass that "a woman's right to choose" became code for a woman's right to have an abortion?

  • We have previously discussed the matter of the National Abortion Rights Action League having officially changed its name to its initials, NARAL, so why are the pro-abortion folks so insecure of their position as to need code words to state it?

  • Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to trap Judge Alito (or just plain wear him down) into making a mistake which they can then use to justify a filibuster on the Senate floor, but it's not working.

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