Richard Olivastro

Is it better? No, it’s actually worse!

The SNL skit goes on to checklist his other promises: Health Care Reform, the 2016 Olympics, Global Warming, Immigration Reform, Gays in the Military, Torture Prosecutions, and Limits on Executive Powers.

To each, the Obama impersonator recites a definitive: “No”!

Then, he concludes: “so, looking at this list, I’m seeing two big accomplishments… Jack; and, Squat”!

Indeed, the SNL skit was humorous and very well done.

It was also factually accurate.

Thus, the SNL skit serves as a stinging indictment of the Nobel Prize Committee fallacious award; and, can serve as a guidepost and wake up call to all Americans.

Because hope is essential in everything we do, it is both an initiating catalyst and a continuing attitude in pursuit of any goal or objective. This is true whether the goal or objective is deemed by others as appropriate or not.

It is right to respect hope, and to nurture hope, that is based on truth.

But it is never right to use hope as a substitute or replacement for clear outcomes, results and accomplishments.

It would be wrong for President Obama to actually accept this vacuous award. In a grand gesture, Mr. Obama should do the right thing, saying:

“I have not earned the award and, respectfully, I decline it”. To do otherwise, in fact, would send a confusing and very depressing message to all those Americans who properly believe in hope and understand there is no shortcut to success.

Richard Olivastro

Richard Olivastro is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, president of People Dynamics, an executive leadership development company, and founder of Citizens For Change.
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