Richard Olivastro

Getting outside the classroom and home to see things and places firsthand helps further personal awareness and learning for all of us.

And, interactively discussing any topic increases insight and understanding on the part of every individual.

Now, apply the above to the following hypothetical scenario:

Suppose you learned that teachers were presenting topics to our children based on material the teachers had never read?

Suppose further, you learned that certain specific principals had asked superintendents, boards of education, PTA’s, etc. to vote to approve changes in curriculum content that none of them had read and reviewed?

And, suppose you realized that all the incumbent teachers, principals, superintendents, board of education members, etc. were pressing to vote approval in a rush-rush-the-sky-is-falling manner?

Yes, I know, you’re thinking, “No way!”

There is simply “no way” you would permit such behaviors to continue.

Unfortunately, that has been the general modus operandi emanating from Washington. The behavior exhibited by elected officials regarding health care reform is just the latest example. That’s why the idea of sending your kid to Washington and sending incumbent legislators back to elementary school just may make more sense than when you first started reading.

Whatever you conclude, here are three certainties:

When children do not listen, it can be a serious problem that affects their learning and personal development.

When adults, who are supposed to represent constituents, do not listen, it is a serious problem that encumbers everyone’s freedom and affects the development of every citizen.

Sending our kids to Washington and many current officials back to school might not be the panacea suggested here. But, in the end, more might learn to listen, and all would have had the opportunity to finally grow up.

Richard Olivastro

Richard Olivastro is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, president of People Dynamics, an executive leadership development company, and founder of Citizens For Change.
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