Richard H. Collins

But once Obama proved to be more than a lightweight good at speeches Hillary was at a loss. Obama had set a trap. He was explicitly running on a new approach to politics and against the old attack style politics with which Hillary was most comfortable. He was seeking to move beyond the very battles she was running on.

She seemed to believe she could knock him out on details and “gotcha” moments. But she attacked in a way that pushed her to the left and weakened her own credibility. Despite his being the most pro-abortion candidate in history she tried to portray him as weak on abortion. This resulted in a shrug from most voters and a backlash from national feminists.

When surrogates raised the issue of Obama’s admitted drug use she looked desperate or unable to control her campaign or both. The same was true when Bill failed to control his temper and harshly attacked Obama.

Recently, Hillary lamely attempted to use accusations of plagiarism to deflate Obama’s rhetoric and got caught up in a distracting debate about his wearing traditional clothes while on a trip to Africa.

When all of these gambits failed she was left complaining about the one opponent she has always hated: the media. This has long been her fall back enemy. When all else fails blame the press. And while there is no shortage of disgust for the media on either the left or the right, this tactic has never been known to win over voters.

What attracts voters are a clear and simple message and a candidate who can credibly embody it. This is the weapon Hillary lacks. “I will work hard” just doesn’t cut it. Hillary keeps tangling herself up in what the first President Bush referred to as the “vision thing.”

Hillary gained the White House the first time thanks in large part to this Bush weakness. Now it looks like someone who excels in this area is going to prevent a return trip.

Hillary is finding out that in politics, as in life, what goes around comes around.

Richard H. Collins

Richard H. Collins is the founder of, a website dedicated to educating the public about Hillary Clinton’s liberal record.

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