Richard H. Collins

In a recent interview with The Politico this pattern of denial continued. Hillary described the battles of the 1990’s as “about the positions we took” and denied any “self-inflicted wounds;” She recalled heroic battles over the assault weapons ban and fiscal responsibility while ignoring the cavalcade of scandals stemming from their own ethical lapses. In her mind, everything from Whitewater to Travelgate; from Paul Jones to Monica Lewinsky; from renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to the last minute pardons; from “don’t ask, don’t tell” to health care reform; from Black Hawk Down to Osama Bin Laden; it was never their fault.

It is increasingly clear that this characteristic stubbornness and arrogance has helped lay the groundwork for her potential undoing. She insisted on having a loyal acolyte as her campaign manager instead of someone more experienced. She built her campaign on the assumption that Obama was not a threat and that the primary would be over by Super Tuesday and failed to plan beyond it. She raised millions of dollars then promptly stopped, disastrously assuming it would be enough.

She arrogantly assumed that the African American community would loyally support her no matter what and stubbornly stood by and watched her husband damage her campaign; denying the obvious until it was too late.

As Obama was racking up impressive victories across the country, Hillary refused to acknowledge these defeats or congratulate her rival; when she wasn’t spinning them as “inconsequential states” she acted as if they simply didn’t exist.

Her campaign is constantly spinning expectations beyond all credibility. Just this week her campaign stoked accusations that Obama was plagiarizing speeches from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and then Hillary absurdly denied involvement blaming the media for the story.

And even today when her campaign is on the edge of defeat she simply won’t admit reality. She has never once shown even a hint of remorse about her past actions, her campaign strategy or acknowledged any mistakes. When asked, she denies even contemplating losing.

After all these years perhaps Hillary simply believes that she can once again outlast her opponents and browbeat the press. But today she isn’t battling over-reaching Republicans but her own party. She isn’t running against an unpopular president but “the most gifted African American politician in a generation.”

All of her stubbornness and arrogance won’t save her if she can’t find a way to stop Obama’s momentum. If she can’t pull out some impressive victories in Ohio, Texas, or Pennsylvania she will soon find herself forced to contemplate the cold hard reality of losing.

And maybe for once she could finally admit that it was her fault.

Richard H. Collins

Richard H. Collins is the founder of, a website dedicated to educating the public about Hillary Clinton’s liberal record.

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