Richard H. Collins

Seeing her standing in the polls dropping and a steady stream of criticism from her rivals, this week Hillary Clinton decided it was time to go on the attack. And it wasn’t subtle. The headlines read like a Fox special: When Hillary Attacks! But these attacks could easily spark a backlash that solidifies negative perceptions about her rather than weaken her rivals. It seems increasingly clear that Hillary’s angry and combative personality could present a real problem for her campaign.

In going on the offensive she attacked her perceived chief rival Barack Obama on a wide range of hot button issues like health care, Social Security, abortion, and gun control. But what made the news were not disputes about policy but her odd decision to go after Obama on “character issues.”

Most of the media, and the public, were stunned that a Clinton would raise the issue - this is not exactly solid ground given their history. But what turned a questionable tactic into fodder for an endless stream of jokes, cartoons, and incredulous blog posts was the campaign’s attempt to use Obama’s childhood aspirations as proof that he was just another ambitious and calculating politician.

I can’t possibly guess what it was she thought was to be gained in focusing on the childhood presidential ambitions of Obama. Hillary accusing Obama of being overly ambitious simply reminds voters of her own inflated sense of entitlement and calculating persona. Raising questions about his campaign finance activities or his evasive answers only reminds them of her terrible record on both fronts. This is not wise strategy.

But even her more policy orientated criticisms are problematic. Is a debate over whose health care plan includes a universal mandate really going to change voter’s minds? Will people believe that Obama is a closet moderate based on his voting “present” in the Illinois senate?

A much more plausible motivation is emotional rather than tactical. Obama really gets under Hillary’s skin and her natural instinct is to hit back and hard. Democratic partisans also believe that failing to respond to attacks is what doomed John Kerry in the last election. When this widespread belief is combined with Hillary’s long history of wanting to ruthlessly attack her opponents it creates a powerful desire to abandon the Rose Garden style and turn to hand-to-hand combat.

Richard H. Collins

Richard H. Collins is the founder of, a website dedicated to educating the public about Hillary Clinton’s liberal record.

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