Rep. Thelma Drake

This week, as part of the ‘all of the above’ Republican-led energy solutions, I filed a discharge petition on a bill that will do just that. The Fuel Mandate Reduction Act, was introduced by House Republican Whip Roy Blunt. This legislation lowers the number of boutique fuels in our country, and allows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) broader waiver authority in times of crisis. We can prepare our infrastructure now to avoid situations that could severely drive up the cost of fuel on consumers – right when they need it most to power generators, or evacuate sensitive areas.

While some debate whether we can drill our way out of this energy crisis, I say we can prepare ourselves now – just as Congress should have done years ago – to avoid any unnecessary crisis in the future. By filing this discharge petition, it is my hope that my colleagues and I will be able to bring important and sensible legislation to the floor now for debate.

Rep. Thelma Drake

Congresswoman Thelma Drake represents Virginia's Second Congressional District.

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