Rebecca Hagelin

Language, books, materials, teachers’ examples are all likely to be peppered with more “inclusive” references to homosexuals, so that students will become used to thinking that homosexuality is just as “normal” as heterosexuality. No “heterosexist” assumptions allowed. For the social reformers, creating a climate the does not affirm homosexuality as normal, natural, and positive is the equivalent of creating an environment rife with damaging “stigma” towards homosexuals.

All of this raises questions, of course, for the student who believes—and openly affirms—that marriage is the union of a husband and wife.

Will your school respect the beliefs that you have sought to instill in your child? Is your child likely to be called a bigot or a homophobe if he or she extols the benefits of traditional marriage? How will the principals, teachers, and curriculum materials refer to political activity by homosexual activists? Will they talk about “marriage equality” as if that’s the desirable state of the law?

Will your school require children to use “inclusive” language, even if doing so violates your child’s religious beliefs? (This is especially relevant in California and Massachusetts, where schools are required to treat ‘transgender’ individuals according to their ‘preferred’ gender and to insist that students do so as well. No matter what regular kids believe.)

How to Save Your Family: Be Proactive. Take on the Culture.

Parents, be proactive on behalf of your children.

Reinforce to them what you believe about marriage and gender, and why. Counsel them, according to age, on what they might expect to encounter in particular classrooms, on the bus, or through the curriculum, how it might challenge their beliefs, and how to respond.

Talk to your principal and your child’s teachers about your concerns, but go a step further. Share your expectations with them in a positive way: Insist that they (and other staff and students) respect your child’s religious freedom to uphold marriage as between a man and a woman. Let them know that you are confident that they will preserve a respectful climate in the classroom, free from bullying and labeling directed towards your children as well as others. Offer to help educate teachers, students, and staff about the religious and speech rights of all students.

And finally, pray daily for your children, their teachers and administrators—and for our country.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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