Rebecca Hagelin

Politically, this is a time for engagement, not retreat. Educate yourself. Find your fellow Patriots and work together to get the truth out to our fellow citizens. Stand up and be counted on important issues. Silence is not patriotic. We wouldn’t be living in a free America if our Founding Fathers had chosen silence instead of “declaring” the inalienable rights of all Americans.

In addition to being politically engaged, “being” a great American means taking action, in our own neighborhoods and communities, for the sake of others. It means giving of ourselves -- with kindness, with our time, in whatever way we can -- to make someone else’s life a bit better.

Gavin Rupp, a 13-year old Virginia boy with terminal brain cancer, knows what that’s like. A baseball player, Gavin’s been a Washington Nationals fan for as long as he can remember. Baseball gave him a reprieve from long hours of chemotherapy and radiation and, when he could no longer play, he lived for those Nationals games. When Gavin’s cancer recurred for the third time in two years, his doctors could do nothing more.

But his father and the Washington Nationals could.

On July 5th, Gavin threw out the opening pitch at a baseball game at Nationals Park. But what meant even more to this young boy was the hour he spent earlier that day with Nationals star outfielder Bryce Harper. Pro athletes often make charity appearances and sign autographs. Before a game, however, they are typically focused on themselves, their routines, and their game.

For Bryce Harper, though, giving time to young Gavin mattered more. He sat with Gavin and his family for over an hour, chatting like they were longtime friends with all the time in the world. He gave Gavin his Nationals hat and a bat. But then he did something unusual. He asked Gavin to autograph a ball for him, and then promised to keep that autographed ball in his stadium locker. Gavin’s courage and love of baseball inspired Harper, but Harper’s personal attentiveness and kindness will help Gavin carry on in difficult days ahead.

They both “gave” but in different ways. Because that’s what great Americans do.

And that’s what makes our country great. God bless America!

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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