Rebecca Hagelin

How To Save Your Family: Grasp the Vision

Certainly our graduates need our continued support. But provide that support within a specific trajectory. Give your graduates a sense of vision -- a sense of the urgent need for them to take charge of their continued growth and development into adults.

Proverbs tells us that “without vision the people perish..." (Proverbs 28:19). Our children need to know where they are going in order to plot a path to get there.

Adulthood is not a destination inevitably arrived at after a long, lazy drift along the river of adolescence. Our children must become adults by their own initiative, shaped by the vision of the life they hope to lead and by the decisions that move them closer to -- or farther from -- that vision.

Instead of lecturing and imposing your own vision, ask your child to define the ultimate purpose behind their college or career goals. In his commencement speech at Princeton, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gave ten constructive pieces of advice, including this quote from Luke’s Gospel: “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded." A great education and a diploma are gifts that allow us to work for the betterment of society. Money is good and necessary, but vision must see beyond monetary gain. Even Bernanke told the Princeton grads, “A career decision based only on money … is a recipe for unhappiness."

To live with vision means to begin with the end in mind. Perhaps our young graduates don’t yet know their exact career, where they’ll live, or how much they can make, but if the purpose for which God created them informs their decisions, they’ll be off to a good start.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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