Rebecca Hagelin

Now think of last week’s State of the Union, given by President Obama. His “fairness” rhetoric obscures the calamitous journey we’ve endured under his leadership, a journey devastating to American workers, families, and institutions. And his response is eerily similar to the Italian Captain’s. Obama re-directs blame, pointing fingers at Congress and Republicans for America’s fiscal problems. He convenes feasts for his Hollywood friends, in the White House “Wonderland,” and admires America’s decaying moral fabric. He won’t rescue the American economy, preferring to shackle business with onerous regulations and confiscatory taxes. And he’s insulated himself from the devastating effects of his own policies. It’s only a matter of time until he jumps into his own secure lifeboat of pensions, book deals, and board memberships.

While our “Captain” deludes himself about our problems—and solutions--America’s ship founders on the rough shoals of energy dependence, empty public coffers, and disappearing jobs. The ship is sinking, people are drowning, and the Captain can’t lead.

How to Save Your Family: Support Rick Santorum for President

We need a new Captain for our ship—a President who is crisis-ready from day one. A President who knows what’s right, what’s necessary, and what succeeds. A President humble enough to lead, never forgetting that God, not the government, bestows our rights. One who sees the Presidency as a temporary job as steward of the people’s trust and guardian of their liberty, not as a coronation that declares him the ‘messiah’ (Obama-style) or the “transformational figure” (a la Newt).

Rick Santorum is the man for the job.

Let me offer two reasons why: who he is and what he will do.

First, who he is. Rick is a man of unquestioned integrity---a champion of reform with the personal credibility to deliver the message. He has the moral courage to make hard decisions because he’s confident in his convictions and seasoned by experience. That’s how he moved legislation like welfare reform and the Partial Birth Abortion Act through Congress. That’s why he defends marriage and all human life without flinching in the face of criticisms and ridicule by liberal elites. And why, for decades, he’s been faithful to his conservative principles, his wife and family, and his faith—in season and out. America needs a leader with his moral stature.

Second, what he will do. Rick Santorum comes from an immigrant, blue-collar background. His grandfather mined coal, not only supporting his family but also teaching them that work is honorable, no matter how humble or seemingly unimportant. One of Rick’s best ideas is to promote tax policies that give dignity back to our workers—bringing jobs back home to America. His “Made in the USA” plan offers zero percent taxes for manufacturing companies who bring these crucial jobs from overseas back home to our communities. It’s a vision that honors our proud workers and gives these men and women the opportunity to work hard and secure a bright future, like their parents did. This promise of opportunity contrasts starkly with the misery inflicted by Obama’s failed policies on the people who need it most--the poor, young, and less-educated.

Finally, Rick’s commitment to cut spending by $5 trillion over 5 years, eliminating waste and the deficit without raising taxes, will return prosperity to America. He has the vision, the capability, and the courage to do it.

So when it is your turn to cast your vote, just think of that Italian cruise ship—listing left and on the verge of sinking. We need a leader of integrity, worthy of our trust, with the conviction and courage to be conservative, no matter what. We need Rick Santorum. And he can win - if only conservatives ignore the media elite who don’t want us to think he can. We must support the best man for the job and make him electable by voting to elect him. Iowans proved it can be done – we just need the moral courage to do it too.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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