Rebecca Hagelin

Every day—in town meetings, national debates, and door-to-door campaigning---Rick gives voice to the issues we care about most ---limited government, economic freedom, military defense, and the sanctity of marriage and human life. And he has done so consistently over 20 years of public service.

As a principled conservative, Rick was on the right side long before it was fashionable. One reporter described him as, “a tea party kind of guy before there was a tea party.”

As a lifelong advocate for families and conservative values, I know Rick Santorum is the real thing. I’ve had the immense honor of working with him on a project, and have seen first-hand that he faces turbulent headwinds without flinching. He has consistently supported traditional marriage in the face of intimidation and threats. I’ve known him to speak passionately for the preborn to a nearly empty Senate chamber, convinced that those words needed to be said, even if no one listened. (Because he followed his convictions, his words saved the life of an unborn child whose mother heard his passionate words.) And I’ve seen him boldly denounce Islamist terrorists while this Administration ducked its head and spoke vaguely of ‘criminals,’ unwilling to upset liberals with the truth.

Rick knows what he thinks—and he gets things done. He doesn’t just identify problems, he fashions solutions. He came to Washington as a reformer—and succeeded. He helped shape welfare reform, championed the rights of the preborn and disabled, and fought for a balanced budget and line item veto. He advocated for a strong military and national defense. And he rose to one of the highest Republican leadership positions in the Senate.

As a Congressman and Senator, Rick deftly built coalitions that brought moderates into the conservative fold on important issues. He forged partnerships without foregoing principle. That sense of judgment—people-smart and principled—is why Rick became a tremendously effective legislator and Congressional leader. It’s why he will make a great President.

Rick’s legislative success proved wrong all those who argue that conservatives succeed only when they become less conservative--that conservatives must become moderates in order to win. Some Republicans today believe mistakenly that only a bland candidate—Romney--can win moderate votes.

Newsflash: Passion persuades. Timidity does not.

Rick’s bold leadership and his unequivocal commitment to principle are reason enough to support him. But he’s also the most electable. He is the only candidate whose positions sharply contrast with President Obama’s - and the voters know it. Republicans must not field a presidential candidate dressed in timid words and shades of gray. If Republicans select a candidate like Mitt Romney, who created and continues to defend Romneycare , we will lose in November. And if they select a candidate like Newt Gingrich, who can’t control his ego and has a propensity to choose and personal “gain” over principle, we will lose in November.

We need a principled leader who projects not only a bold vision for America, but also one sharply opposed to Obama’s. And that candidate is Rick Santorum.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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