Rebecca Hagelin

There are only a few things that make me truly angry.

Lies about the innocent are chief among them.

The decent, hard-working, freedom-loving Americans who dare to raise their voices in protest against injustice are my heroes. And it makes me nauseas when they are maligned by those who seek to control them – the very ones whose policies they are protesting.

No one likes a spoiled brat. The national leaders who just rammed socialist health care mandates down our throats and many of their compatriots in the liberal media have revealed their selfish, bratty, bully, true selves as they have unloaded a barrage of attacks on the courageous tea party activists around the nation.

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The socialist policies being forced on America are deplorable to most Americans. The liberals in leadership, just like spoiled bullies, want this, they want that - and they want it all right now - oh, and according to their specific dictates. They are the big bullies who rule the block, and they will not be challenged by small town Americans who try to thwart their plans.

This rotten phenomenon is bankrupting our country, and teaching our own children that somebody else is entitled to their lunch money; that the big guys in Washington actually have a right to run their lives; that there is some sort of perverted "social justice" that demands everyone be taken care, without regard to who will pay. But the real sick joke is on those same children: it is our sons and daughters that will have to pay for all of the "stuff".

If we sit by and do nothing - if we allow this to continue, then ours will be the first generation of Americans led by adults who care more about what they want, than they do about creating a better future for our children. That is despicable.

The Bible teaches us in Proverbs 13:22: "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children."

Instead, we have saddled our own kids with massive debt the second they are born. If the current government run health care programs actually get off the ground, our children and grandchildren will likely spend their entire lives wallowing in debt - and stuck in a system of broken promises and compromised quality. Face it: when it comes to securing financial stability for our nation's children, we are a nation of thieves. We should hang our heads in shame. Instead, our leaders slap each other on the back in victorious glee as they slip into their limos and head off in style to plan the next robbery.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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