Rebecca Hagelin

Salvo looks at the big picture and ask readers to consider the true messages that Hollywood feeds us in our 24/7 media world. For instance, I’ve written before about the all-out attack on males in today’s politically correct feminist culture, and Salvo takes the subject head on with panache. In “Girly Men,” writer S.T. Karnick dares to explore the popular culture’s attack on masculinity. All over TV and at the movies, what do we see? Guys who are routinely depicted as losers, while their female counterparts enjoy roles as winners. Notes Karnick:

“The war against boys seems to have created three main character patterns for the adult male of our time: sensitive guys who want to please women; weenies and dorks who want only to be left alone to drink beer and play video games with their dork buddies; and thugs who, in rebellion against their unnatural education, are perpetually concerned with proving their toughness through increasingly loutish behavior.”

The main focus of the latest Salvo, however, is Intelligent Design. The editors outline the case for “ID” in detail, showing exactly why more and more scientists are taking a second look at it -- and why Darwinian Evolutionary Theory is on the ropes.

I’m happy to report that the editors continue to leaven all this seriousness with some welcome humor. Consider the fake ad for “Meanpeace,” which tells us: “The leading source of carbon emissions is you. So what can you do to stop global warming?” This is written directly above a picture of silhouetted human figures lining up to jump off a cliff. This is great stuff. Then there’s the spoof ad on the back cover for “E-MASQL8,” or “a cure for the common boy.”

You can sample the current issue, as well as previous editions, at Don’t be surprised if you wind up subscribing (for yourself and others). While you’re at it, why not purchase a copy for your “favorite” waiting room, too?

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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