Rebecca Hagelin

Consider the review for another film that’s now in theaters, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep.” Given the positive word of mouth surrounding this PG-rated adventure, I was surprised to see that it lacked the Dove seal of approval for families. The review itself is almost uniformly positive. But there’s one area where the film falls short: language. Specifically, the Lord’s name is used in vain on two occasions. Armed with this information, some parents may decide not to go, but others who opt to take their family anyway could perhaps discuss this with their children ahead of time and stress the importance of using our Lord’s name appropriately.

Beyond reviews of the current movie, TV and video game releases, FEC also provides entertainment news and commentaries to suggest ways to help improve the culture -- and to keep you abreast of the latest trends.

Find out, for example, which video game has been banned in Britain for its “sustained, casual sadism.” Read why one New York newspaper columnist thinks that Nickelodeon should drop Jamie Lynn Spears from its “Zoey 101” show if the network truly “wants to be the safe haven it has always promised America's parents.” And learn which two movie ratings have been adding up to box-office gold over the last year. (Hint: It’s not R, or even PG-13.)

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t visit other Web sites as well to learn more about your family’s media choices. There are other good sites out there that can help you navigate the tricky waters of our modern culture -- I’ve spotlighted many of them, in fact, in past columns. But what a help it is to have a parent-friendly site such as Family Entertainment Central. Do yourself, and your kids, a favor and bookmark it now. I can’t think of a better -- or easier -- way to ensure wholesome entertainment options in the years ahead.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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