Rebecca Hagelin

"Victims forced into sex slavery are often subdued with drugs and subjected to extreme violence. Victims trafficked for sexual exploitation face physical and emotional damage from violent sexual activity, forced substance abuse, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, food deprivation and psychological torture. Some victims suffer permanent damage to their reproductive organs. Many victims die as a result of being trafficked."

"Amazing Grace" the movie can inspire you to action. A companion effort by the movie's producers, can tell you how. Please visit to see how you can help. I also recommend checking out a companion book for the film, “The Amazing Grace of Freedom.” It provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. This lavishly illustrated volume help viewers to better understand the horrors of the slave trade and heroes who fought against it. And FAAST will give you information ( on how you can become "a 21st century abolitionist."

Will you use your influence and resources to help the oppressed? Why not start by going to the movies? Amazing Grace opens in theatres everywhere on Feb. 23.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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