Rebecca Hagelin

Nick is an athletic young man of 17, blessed with a keen mind and a vocal conscience. He’s also a gifted artist who appreciates the presentation of ideas most when arguments are made with a combination of creative graphics and plain truth. He’s not much for hyperbole or self-righteous preaching. Like most in his generation, he can spot a hypocrite a mile away.

Nick’s Christian faith sets him apart from the humanistic culture that pervades Arlington County, Virginia, where he lives. He wants to be clear about what he believes and why -- but it’s a challenge to find materials that speak to his need for truth and thought in a manner he can relate to.

When I recently came across a new magazine, Salvo, my heart skipped a beat.

You see, Nick is my son. And there’s nothing in the world I want more than to equip him to be the man God created him to be.

I brought my copy of Salvo home one afternoon and left it on the table that sits in our kitchen/family room. Nick entered the room a bit later. Within seconds, his eye and curiosity were caught by both the word “Salvo” and the techno-graphic depiction of a young man whose mind was clearly being blasted out of the back of his head by a jumble of electronic gadgets. Nick picked up the magazine and thumbed through it. He then sat down at the table and began reading. After about 10 minutes of intense concentration, he moved to the couch where he proceeded to devour the strange item in his hands. After about 30 minutes, he looked up in amazement and said, “Everyone I know needs to read this. It will make most of them really mad, but they need to see it.”

Although I wrote about Salvo just a couple of weeks ago, the opportunity to reach our youth in such a powerful way is so rare that I would be remiss if I failed to stress the value of Salvo again. After all, I’ve actually witnessed its effect on a member of its target demographic.

Salvo is a quarterly publication, and you can subscribe or secure a copy of the autumn 2006 premiere issue, which covers everything from euthanasia to evolution. The Salvo team presents the moral side of these issues so skillfully that young adults who might normally tune out a stodgy lecture will find themselves absorbed -- and beginning to realize there’s another side to these issues -- namely, a moral perspective that works. A quick trip to is certain to whet your appetite for more.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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