Rebecca Hagelin

“Noah obeyed God in everything that God asked. It wasn’t easy, though. Think of having all your neighbors laugh at you every day for a hundred and twenty years. That would be hard, wouldn’t it? But Noah did it. Do you think that was a good idea for Noah to obey God? Why? Is it a good idea for you to obey God? Why?”

Thus the biblical lesson is not only reinforced but applied to a child’s own life. It’s no longer an abstraction but a seed of morality, planted deeply by loving parents and a loving God, nurtured by prayer and ready to be brought to harvest by a life of worship and service.

The 180 Bible stories are laid out in this fashion throughout six volumes. Then, in volumes seven and eight, Family Bible Library offers practical tools to make teaching truths manageable. Volume seven outlines a daily Bible-reading schedule for the year, with which story to cover each day and a list of questions to discuss. Volume eight gives you a guide to the growth of your children at each age and a guide to each of the 36 Building Blocks of Character.

Say your child has been having trouble being truthful. Volume eight can help you find a Bible story that shows the value of honesty. And so on.

Nothing could be more “appropriate for all ages” than the Bible, especially when it’s presented in a manner that helps parents perform the most important job of all -- raising our children to be creatures of faith and love. As Dr. Beers says:

“The destiny of the world’s future is in the hands of humble people called parents. They are humble because every parent knows the job is too big, the future is too great, and they are too inadequate. But God delights in taking us ordinary people and doing extraordinary work through us.”

Family Bible Library gives you the tools to help shape your child, your family and your world. To find out more, visit their Web site ( or call 1-866-681-8854 -- and unleash the potential of the “Good Book” in your family.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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