Rebecca Hagelin

I'm sure my sons and daughter will forever remember the sight of the tyrannical dictator Saddam Hussein in complete humiliation as an American service doctor picked through his mangy hair for lice. So will the millions who survived his hellish rule.

From the protected, privileged children in the United States, to the recently oppressed and impoverished children of Iraq, a generation of kids around the world now know that evil cannot last forever. The images of Saddam undoubtedly mean different things to these children who have lived very different lives, but the message is very clear to one and all: In the end, it is justice that prevails.

We cannot fathom the breadth and depth of emotions that the people of Iraq are experiencing at this moment. Certainly the soulful weeping of the Iraqi journalists at the press conference that unveiled the videotape of submissive prisoner Saddam provides us with a glimpse of the horror, fear and oppression these brave and stoic people had to endure. With an estimated 1 million Iraqi people brutally murdered at Saddam's hands, there's probably not a man, woman or child in Iraq who doesn't know someone who fell victim to the tyrant.

Intelligence reports indicate that 270 mass graves containing the bodies of so many unidentified men, women and children have yet to be explored. Their families still don't know where they are. The cries of the journalists – a rare outpouring of emotion by people for whom cynicism is a job requirement – were only the beginning of an outpouring of emotion certain to follow as families across Iraq finally will learn what has become of their long lost loved ones.

Tears of joy already have begun to flow in Iraq. Joy at knowing the horror is over. Joy at knowing a new life of freedom has begun. I smile at the thought of the many happy days that await the Iraqi people. I imagine them awakening each morning not quite sure where they are – at first fearful and afraid as they have always been, but as they awaken more fully, with the cloud of sleep clearing from their heads, they are at once joyous at the freedom they now can call their own.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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