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Another day, another example of government overreach. Even George Orwell might find what the government is doing somewhat creepy. John also talked to Shaun McCutcheon about campaign finance limits, and how they need to change.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Nothing’s private anymore.

The Biggest Security Leak of the 21st Century?: Video - Bloomberg

The Yen made some recent moves. . . Which, of course, means more money printing!

Abenomics Will Make Bernanke Jealous, Mauldin Says: Video - Bloomberg

“Goldilocks” jobs number of 175k. But, let’s put this into perspective:

Government's 'Economy of Envy' Hurts Jobs: CEO

Ezra Klein is an Idiot:

Good question Ed. . . Carney, you might need a break – Pretty soon you’re going to start believing the stuff you’re trying to sell us:

Ed Henry vs. Carney: How Did Susan Rice Get Benghazi So Wrong If She's So Qualified? | RealClearPolitics

 A Little Something to make your weekend even more enjoyable:

More News

For more perspective:

U.S. Gains 175K Jobs in May, Unemployment Rate 7.6%: Video - Bloomberg

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