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Neal McClusky, with Cato, joined the program to talk about the run-away tuition costs, and the declining value of American Higher Education. John also took a look at how the student loan crises in America is just another symptom of big government at its worst.

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Big Three:

Student Loans will most likely be getting reformed. . . Because, obviously, students shouldn’t have to bear the full burden of the debt they took on for their education. . . That would go against all the liberal junk they learned in College:

The Politics Behind Student Loan Rate Stand-Off: Video - Bloomberg

Well. . . This quote sums it all up: (Another example of traditional data points not reflecting market conditions.)

“This Is Not a Normal Housing Market”: Economist Michelle Meyer | Daily Ticker - Yahoo! Finance

Are you looking for global signs of confidence? Keep looking.

Equity Market Correlation Takes a Dramatic Plunge: Video - Bloomberg

Other News

Right. . . Stephanie Cutter (the Obama Campaign Manager) met with the IRS chief. But no. . . It wasn’t a political discussion.

Obama 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter In IRS Meetings - Investors.com

Well, in all fairness: Conservatives tend to drive pickup trucks, farm, an shoot lead bullets. . . So, yeah, this might have happened:

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