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John talks about Americans holding on to their cash – and why the Government is not entitled to most of it. Also, Luke Gelber – with Citizens Against Government Waste – spoke to John about the GSA wasting more of the taxpayer’s hard earned money.

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Show Prep:

Big Three:

Have we learned anything? Well, with our current education system and liberal media I think I’m safe in saying “nope.”

Have We Learned Anything From the Crisis?: Video - Bloomberg

Yeah, this will help the economy: Higher gas prices. (And there’s an easy way to bring down the price at the pump. . . )

Road Trip: Expect More Pain at the Pump?

Uh oh. . . Mike McKee (The sad clown) has some bad news for Auto Sales:

Is the Automotive Sales Comeback Stalling Out?: Video - Bloomberg

Other News:

Wait. . . You mean there might have been a culture of corruption in Illinois?

IRS Exec Lois Lerner Targeted Dick Durbin's Senate Rival Al Salvi - Investors.com

Wow. With friends like us. . . .

U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret | McClatchy

And I thought Gun Control schemes were wacky. (Does Michael Bloomberg have an evil(er) twin running India?)

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