Randy Mastro

Rudy also brought a record number of federal narcotics prosecutions to address the drug epidemic in our city. He even instituted a "Federal Day" program once a month to prosecute those arrested for drug offenses in the federal system to have the maximum deterrent effect. Moreover, he used drug forfeiture laws in innovative ways to seize both proceeds and instruments of those crimes. For example, when New York officials couldn't get local judges to evict drug dealers from public housing projects, Rudy seized the tenancies from them to the cheers of neighbors forced for too long to endure their drug crimes.

Public Corruption

Rudy also cracked down on a local government rife with corruption by the 1980s. He successfully prosecuted Congressmen, Borough Presidents, political party bosses, City Agency heads, and even a top City Hall official, regardless of the political consequences. In fact, he personally tried the case that resulted in the conviction of corrupt Bronx Democratic Party Boss Stanley Friedman.

Other Major Matters

Through it all, Rudy also found time to personally argue for the deportation of a notorious Nazi concentration camp guard facing a death sentence overseas and to seek to shut down the PLO mission in New York City because the PLO was a terrorist organization. He successfully prosecuted others involved in terrorist activities, including an FALN member and arms dealers conspiring to sell weapons to Iran and the IRA. And he stood up to the Washington bureaucracy by refusing to defend in court a government policy that automatically denied social security disability benefits, even to worthy applicants, for budgetary reasons.

In short, time and again, Rudy did the right thing, no matter what the personal or political cost. That's called leadership. And it's that kind of leadership that we need so much today in our next President.

Randy Mastro

Randy Mastro is a former New York City Deputy Mayor (1996-1998) and former Assistant U.S. Attorney (1985-1989)