Randall DeSoto

You may recall that Obama admitted during the 2008 primary campaign that he did not care that overall revenues to the Treasury actually decreased every time the capital gains rate was raised and increased when it was lowered in the past: what was most important to him was his view of fairness.

People need to also be reminded in addition to the tax increases brought about by Obamacare, the law will also cause employers to drop coverage for their employees (numbering in the millions nationwide), because of the increased costs associated with the law’s requirements. Further, the law actually incentivizes companies to not add jobs in order to stay under the 50-employee threshold at which point they are subject to the law’s provisions. And for all those working Americans who do not have coverage, they will be forced to pay a “tax”/penalty of 1% of their income starting next year, which rises the following years. Ironically, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is already increasing healthcare premiums, creating a further drag on the economy.

If the President stays in power, so will Dodd-Frank, which is already putting the squeeze on local community banks due to increased compliance costs. The credit these banks offer is the lifeblood for small businesses. Having ready access to credit allows them to manage their payrolls, expand their businesses, and hire new workers. Without it many businesses may be forced to close.

Add to these burdens the ever-burgeoning regulations created by the EPA, including its implementing of Cap and Trade by regulatory fiat (an all too common practice with this President) and the NLRB’s rulings and hundreds of other job-crushing regulations coming out of the Obama Administration, and you have a toxic mix of anti-business, pro-Big Government policies that will continue to cause cloudy, gray skies over the economy.

There is an alternate future. To borrow a little Doc Brown-ese, a paradox can be created in the space-time continuum, which disrupts our current reality. The Romney/Ryan Plan puts the nation back on the path to fiscal sanity and growing economically through much needed tax reform. The team also calls for the repeal of Obamacare, and Dodd-Frank, and reigning in the EPA and NLRB. These actions taken together will get this economy moving again and creating jobs. Every time our government has implemented these kinds of pro-growth policies, it’s led to greater wealth and opportunity for the American people.

We, like the McFlys, can experience an alternate future, but it requires knocking out Big Government Biff this November. Fire up the DeLorean!

Randall DeSoto

Randy DeSoto is a freelance writer and media consultant.