Rachel Marsden

Among the president's supporters, French men prefer Obama's values more than French women do, 63 percent to 58 percent. And only 4 percent of those who prefer Obama say that it's because he's black, with the most uneducated demographic expressing the highest degree of racial preference. The same least-educated demographic -- those lacking a high school diploma -- was also most likely to believe that Obama has a better shot at achieving world peace. The most educated respondents -- those with more than two years of post-secondary schooling -- were least likely to consider Obama competent.

Perhaps the weirdest aspect of the Harris Poll results is that voters who preferred center-right former French President Nicolas Sarkozy had a higher level of disagreement with Obama's values than Socialist French President Francois Hollande's voters, yet these respondents were almost twice as likely to find Obama "competent" as were Hollande supporters.

Maybe this is a sign that the French center-right has a greater tolerance for, and understanding of, the complexities of governance, having witnessed and sympathized with Sarkozy's perpetual struggle to enact even the most moderate French reforms in a system locked down by special interest groups, various domestic and international realities, and the mentality of the people themselves.

Hollande supporters were least likely to find Obama competent -- mirroring a similar discontent in France with Hollande himself, despite the fact that he was elected only five months ago. Another recent Harris Interactive poll found that only 55 percent of those who voted for Hollande in the presidential election feel he's doing a better job than Sarkozy would have done, and 40 percent of Hollande voters admitted that it wouldn't have made much difference if Sarkozy had been re-elected.

The lesson? It's not easy to please leftists. Their concept of the world exists on a cloud of marijuana smoke. Their pet politicians, spun from cotton candy, regale them with warm thoughts and fuzzy feelings -- until reality comes along and douses the whole works, forcing them to wake up to a sticky mess.

It's a lesson the French left and their sympathizers clearly haven't learned. Will American voters prove to be any more astute?

Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden is a columnist with Human Events Magazine, and Editor-In-Chief of GrandCentralPolitical News Syndicate.
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