Rachel Marsden

The European Union started out as a good idea, with the intent to reduce red tape within Europe to facilitate the flow of money, people and goods. The problem is that with any group, you’re at the mercy of the lowest common denominator. So if France, with its formerly ultra-liberal immigration policy, is letting in Muslims from the old African colonies who “slaughter sheep in the bathtub”, as French President Sarkozy put it during his election campaign, then that’s going to be the common denominator with Europe-wide free movement, and the only limiting factor will be employers' individual selection and recruitment processes in various countries. And the rest will, evidently, just riot.

The EU really needs a single governing council, made up of one member from each state, with the purpose of cutting through red tape. Instead, it has become a multi-layered bureaucracy which serves as a graveyard for failed European politicians and various Euro-diplotards who have been educated in the "finest" European academic institutions far beyond their level of intelligence - mainly because that's how you exert control over people in a society...by telling them there is only one way of doing things and one path to success.

Want a solution to the European economic crisis? Empty all the “elite” schools and flatten the bureaucracy. Tell all these fine minds to go out and actually produce or create something of value rather than warming a desk in some government office. If all the energy spent on chair-heating and then partying all night in all-night clubs across Europe was channeled into productivity, there wouldn’t be an economic crisis in Europe.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I care, as an American?” Well, because President Obama is intent on spreading the misery of this crisis, and it’s unclear at this point how far across borders that misery will reach, or whether we’re looking at some kind of a new economic Marshall Plan to help out Europe. He’s already being prodded in that regard by UK PM Gordon Brown who, like Obama, is tossing money at make-work government projects and, unlike Obama, is facing a toss right out of office as a result. It would represent yet another failure of Obama-style socialism. Only now is Brown toying with possible tax cuts. Yet Brown said in a Washington meeting with Obama this week: “There is no old Europe, no new Europe, there is only your friend Europe. So once again I say we should seize the moment — because never before have I seen a world so willing to come together. Never before has that been more needed. And never before have the benefits of cooperation been so far-reaching.”

Perhaps I can put this in terms that some Brits can understand: Never before has the detriment of giving a socialist more money to piss up a wall been so glaringly evident.

Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden is a columnist with Human Events Magazine, and Editor-In-Chief of GrandCentralPolitical News Syndicate.
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