Rachel Marsden

Normally, even when a government falls on a vote of confidence, an election is called immediately – because without a mandate from the people, it smacks too much of an unelected dictatorship.

This coup essentially ranks the Canadian Liberals above Venezuelan despot, Hugo Chavez, on the corruption scale. Chavez may have recently failed in his referendum to eliminate presidential term limits, but he at least realizes that he has to send it back to the voters.

The Canadian Liberals aren’t even going to do that. They have said that they won’t waste any more money on an election after they take power – despite taking power precisely so they can get to “work” wasting more money. Under the backroom coup deal, they will have free reign to defile the country as they see fit for a minimum of 18 months without having to worry about a pesky election. The liberal mainstream Canadian media (pardon the surfeit of redundancy in this phrase), which hates Harper because they’re so overtly biased that he often just ignores them, has assumed the usual position:

The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, headlines: “’Four Wise Men’ Would Show Coalition The Way”. Naturally, they’re referring to four prominent benchers – three Liberal and one socialist - whose best years of their lives were spent waterboarding themselves with public coinage. I have a better name for these guys: party hacks. Which is why I’ll never find my byline in the Globe and Mail.

Compare that to the same newspaper’s language in 2005, when the opposition Conservatives were considering a non-confidence vote on a Liberals over the fiscal scandal which was such a blatant cash grab even for Liberals that it eventually wiped out their government:

“Tories, Bloc overpower Liberals - Opposition MPs managed to force a motion through the House of Commons Tuesday demanding the fragile Liberal minority government step down.”

Poor “fragile” Liberals, always being bullied by those mean, “overpowering”, “forceful” Conservatives.

At the time, Harper not only abided by Liberal pleas to hold off on any non-confidence vote for another half-year, but he made it clear that the public would determine government via vote: "The Liberal culture of entitlement goes on. The public must be given a chance to put it to an end.”

Ah, the good old days. Now, if the Liberals have their way, voters won’t have any say about this unelected government. At least not for another 18 months. The Liberals are talking now about a $30-billion bailout. Canada already has a perpetual bailout and inherent safety net in the form of ample social programs. Anything more is redundant.

Harper’s best option? Adjourn parliament until after Christmas to preempt a non-confidence vote and give these power addicts some time to detox. If they still don’t relent, call an election so the voting public can wipe them off the face of Canada’s political map.

Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden is a columnist with Human Events Magazine, and Editor-In-Chief of GrandCentralPolitical News Syndicate.
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