Rachel Alexander

This attitude is emblematic of where the far left is today. They would rather cut off debate entirely than actually debate the right. No longer are they are interested in the civilized kind of political debates this country was founded on and has relied upon for years, epitomized by the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. The left would rather silence the right to win.

Their language is full of hate towards the right, which is hypocritical considering they claim to be against hate with their No Hate gay campaign. One tweeted, “If you want to see an illogical and crazy these #Kochsucker, check out this #RWNJ = @CapitaLiszt #psycothic #loser #liar #nutjob #suckup.” Much of the language is so foul it cannot be repeated here.

Even more amusing, the far left cannot stop bragging about themselves while avoiding genuine debate with the right. One lefty tweeted, “You know why I pick on #RWNJs? Because I feel I have a gift I must share with the world!” One prolific contributor to the channel has a grandiose username of “princessomuch.” Another has a blank website entitled liberalbadass.com. His ostensibly credentialed background is enjoying wine and supporting lefty causes. One can’t help but wonder what is wrong with these people to brag this much about nothing.

Many of those who contribute to #RWNJ have profiles that say “I am awesome” and are all about explaining how they - in all their importance - have come to their viewpoints. The vast majority haven't accomplished much in their life, but boy do they brag about their opinions. Who is reading these thousands of narcissistic profiles, tweets and blog posts? There are so many now like this, it is mind-boggling.

The anger combined with the constant bragging makes one wonder what is wrong with them. Are they taking out personal issues in the political realm in order to mask them as simply anger over partisan politics? What is clear is that they’ve lost the intellectual debate. Refusing to debate issues anymore is a sign the left admits they no longer have any arguments left to refute the right; they’ve let emotionalism take over.

Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander is the editor of the Intellectual Conservative. She also serves as senior editor of The Stream.