Phyllis Schlafly

The Gang of Eight can't defend the Gang's own amnesty bill, S.744, or even explain it to public or TV audiences. The Gang's premier salesman, Senator Marco Rubio, admits that it isn't acceptable in its present form and must be amended on the Senate floor.

Public opinion surveys show that the American people want the border secured and current laws enforced before we even discuss amnesty. The Gang's promise that amnestied aliens must pay back taxes is a fraud because neither aliens nor employers have documentation for the years the illegal was paid in cash.

The Gang of Eight bill doesn't make any pretense of securing the border first. S.744 gives us only promises, promises and pie-in-the-sky plans, but no reason to believe any of them because all our government's promises about border security, implementation of an entry-exit system and workplace verification of employee identity have been repeatedly and flagrantly broken. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on us.

The Gang of Eight bill allows the Obama administration to decide which laws to enforce. Every S.744 provision allows Obama bureaucrats to issue waivers to avoid enforcement, a wrinkle that fits perfectly with Obama's governing style, i.e., rule by executive-branch regulations instead of by constitutional legislation.

S.744 weakens the never-enforced electronic entry/exit system that the 1996 law requires to be used at all seaports and airports and was funded by Congress five times. S.744 guts this law by excluding 106 land border-entry points where most crossings take place.

S.744 will continue to increase our current illegal population. The Gang of Eight bill not only fails to enforce the federal law against giving college-tuition preference to illegal aliens (which Obama unconstitutionally violated by executive order), but it also guarantees states the right to offer in-state tuition to future illegal aliens.

The Gang of Eight bill will give work permits immediately to 11 million illegal aliens, and then give green cards within seven years to another 4.3 million foreigners who have applied in chain migration categories. These work permits will flood our labor market with millions of aliens and make unemployment a bigger crisis than it is now.

The Gang of Eight is just as unfair and discriminatory to college-educated American citizens as to entry-level job seekers. S.744 creates four new unlimited green-card preferences for aliens: 1) those with a Ph.D. in any field, 2) foreign physicians, 3) foreign students who graduate from a U.S. college with an advanced degree in a STEM subject and 4) spouses and minor children of the above.

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Feminist Fantasies.
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