Phyllis Schlafly

Rove is supposed to be so savvy about politics, but let's test that. On election morning, he released his final predictions that "Romney will win Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Iowa and Colorado." Obama carried all but one of those states.

Rove built his reputation on his role in electing George W. Bush, but President Bush and his phony "Compassionate Conservatism" did almost nothing for conservative goals. Bush tried hard to put the U.S. in an open borders "North American Union" with Mexico and Canada, and he inflicted our school kids with federal control over education called "No Child Left Behind."

Establishment candidates should be called "me-too" Republicans, a label coined to describe two-time presidential loser Tom Dewey who said "me too" to obnoxious Democratic programs and to Nelson Rockefeller (who lost three attempts to get the Republican presidential nomination). Me-too can also be applied to recent Establishment losers: Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Today, we call these me-too Republicans RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). It's time to revive the famous words of the late Senator Everett Dirksen refuting the Establishment: "We followed you before, and you led us down the road to defeat."

Fortunately, we are seeing an emergence of a new Reagan Republican Party. In 2010 and 2012, Republicans elected some real conservatives to the Senate after defeating Establishment candidates in the primaries: Rand Paul in Kentucky (who defeated Mitch McConnell's choice), Ted Cruz in Texas (who defeated a fabulously wealthy Establishment candidate) and Marco Rubio in Florida (who defeated Establishment candidate Florida Governor Crist, who then showed his true colors and became a Democrat).

Jim DeMint (now with Heritage) was another successful non-Establishment Republican Senator. It's time for the grassroots to take control of the Republican Party away from the elitists who want to choose our candidates, tell them what to say and how to vote.

Let's ask all Republican primary candidates: "Are you a Karl Rove candidate?" We want a real choice, not a Rove echo.

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Feminist Fantasies.
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