Phyllis Schlafly

I'm eager to hear our presidential candidates discuss the colossal failure of the doctrine of free trade. For example, how it enables protectionist countries, especially Communist China, to play the U.S. for a sucker while China uses the tremendous profits it makes on sales to the U.S. to build an awesome and threatening military. For those without blinders on their eyes, it's apparent that Communist China is using our adherence to the failed doctrine of free trade to cheat us coming and going, steal our patents and intellectual property, and sell us fake and dangerous merchandise, all the way from computer chips to ingredients in our prescription drugs.

I want to hear the presidential candidates show some empathy for the nearly three million Americans who have lost manufacturing jobs that went overseas. Those were well-paid, blue-collar jobs that enabled men to join the middle class, support a full-time homemaker and buy a house.

Republican presidential candidates will lose if they brush off all those good Americans as John McCain did campaigning in Detroit in 2008, saying, those jobs are "not coming back," so laid off workers should go to a community college.

Let's hear the presidential candidates address the political shenanigan that put us into the World Trade Organization in a lame-duck session, enabling a bunch of anti-American bureaucrats in Geneva to dictate our foreign trade policies. The power "to regulate trade with foreign nations" is one of the explicit powers given to Congress and no part of that power should be given away.

I'd like to hear our presidential candidates answer the question, "Do you support a global economy in which Americans must compete with foreigners who are paid 50 cents an hour, working long hours with no benefits and living in a company dormitory?" That's the bottom line of all those exotic terms that were bandied about during the administrations of Bill Clinton and both Bushes: globalism, new world order, North American Union, Free Trade Area of the Americas, global governance, interdependence, Security and Prosperity Partnership, NAFTA Superhighway, and the free movement of people and goods across borders.

We have seen the future; it's called the European Union. And we don't want it. Immigration and socialism have destroyed Europe, financially and culturally.

Let's hear our presidential candidates tell us how they will rebuild our exceptional nation, with military superiority that can defend our people against all evil dictators and with respect for the U.S. Constitution that rejects laws and practices of other countries and the presumptuous dictates of United Nations treaties.

For example, how about ending taxes on corporate profits produced by U.S. workers and taxing only corporate profits squeezed out of cheap foreign labor?

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Feminist Fantasies.
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