Phyllis Schlafly

9. Blindsided by their longtime patriotic support of our military, the Republicans failed to call for cutting off funds for the unconstitutional, undeclared, useless Obama war in Libya. Savings from waste in the defense budget should be spent on building the weapons we need to restore our military superiority.

10. The Republicans are hamstrung by their (usually correct) determination not to raise taxes. However, we should raise taxes on imports from countries that are massively cheating us every day by imposing a value-added tax equivalent to the tariff they pretended to reduce.

11. We can reform extravagant welfare spending and the more than 70 means-tested wealth-distribution handouts by the same formula the Republican Congress adopted in 1996. That welfare reform was signed by Bill Clinton but repealed by Obama.

12. We can stop the unsustainable growth of Medicaid by block-granting the funds to the states. The states can then fix eligibility and benefits.

13. The Republicans are far too timid in dealing with the fiscal and unemployment problems created by illegal immigration. That is costing us a mountain of taxpayer spending for means-tested financial handouts, hospital and medical care and U.S. citizenship given to anchor babies.

14. "Yes we can" (using a useful slogan from Obama's campaign) put Medicare and Social Security on sound financial footing that will enable those two programs to survive. Paul Ryan's and Jim Jordan's budgets both show us how.

15. Obama's profligate deficit spending confirms the researchers who discovered that Obama absorbed the Frances Fox Piven strategy, which he learned from her own lips as a principal speaker at a Socialist Party Scholars Conference in New York in 1983, when Obama was a student at Columbia University. The strategy is to flood the welfare system with more recipients than taxpayers can afford, thereby creating a financial and political crisis that will doom the capitalist system and move the U.S. into socialism.

That Socialist Party Conference commemorated the 100-year anniversary of Karl Marx's death, and Piven urged her listeners to "stand within the intellectual and political tradition Marx bequeathed." Scholar Stanley Kurtz has documented that event and identified the stealthy socialists who maintained a presence throughout the world of community organizing, many of whom were colleagues or mentors of Obama.

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Feminist Fantasies.
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