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Corsi relates how the United States welcomed China into the World Trade Organization in 2001 knowing that free-trade agreements with China would be unfair to America, and that even the expression "free trade," as applied to China, is a fraud. China uses near-slave workers paid less than a dollar an hour with no benefits, sends us lead-encrusted toys and poisonous foods and medicines, and keeps its currency artificially cheap to unfairly advantage its exports.

The deceit in the free-trade slogan is epitomized by the way China and other nations blatantly discriminate against the United States by using a value-added tax (VAT) both to subsidize their exports and penalize their imports.

The way this racket works is that China reimburses taxes paid in China by manufacturer-exporters but imposes border taxes against American companies trying to sell their products in China. It's not just coincidence that the tax barriers foreign countries impose on U.S. goods amounts to about as much as the tariff that was supposedly abolished or reduced under the phony name of free trade.

Corsi explains that the globalists know that free trade necessitates regional and ultimately global governance, and that economic integration inherently begets political integration. Ultimately, free trade is an assault on American sovereignty and independence.

Corsi titled his book "America for Sale" because a bankrupt business is essentially a business for sale, and the Obama administration is spending our country into bankruptcy. The foreigners who hold so much American cash are ready to switch to a new global currency and use their dollars (before they lose all their value) to buy U.S. tangible assets.

The result will be that foreign interests will end up owning important segments of U.S. private corporations and public infrastructure. Corsi asks some troublesome questions, such as how we will protect ourselves against technological espionage if foreign nations are permitted to own controlling positions in important U.S. technological firms.

In Corsi's book, you will "meet the globalists" who are behind the plans to control our economy, destroy our dollar, replace it with a new global currency and model our future on the European Union. When President Obama traveled to the G20 meeting on April 2, 2009, he proclaimed a "declaration of interdependence" and insisted that global solutions are required to bring us out of the recession.

Corsi reminds us that Obama's bailouts are not just a way for private companies such as General Motors to survive, but a way for government to take over management of our private economy. We know the word for that: It's socialism.

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Feminist Fantasies.
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