Phyllis Schlafly

It is a mystery to those of us in heartland America what President Bush must be thinking of when he continues to push for his unpopular guest-worker/amnesty plan to allow millions of illegal immigrants in our country to stay here without punishment, and to invite millions more "willing workers" to come on in. How many "willing workers" do you think there are in the rest of the world?
The Pew Hispanic Center has just provided us with a clue. A Pew survey in May of migration attitudes in 120 locations in Mexico showed that 46 percent of Mexicans (that means 49 million people) said they would live in the United States if they had the opportunity, and two out of 10 are willing to come here illegally.

Maybe the reason the Bush administration is so out of touch with reality on this issue is that, for five years, the opinion survey mailed out by the Republican Party to millions of potential donors pretended that the issue of illegal immigration didn't exist. I complained about this more than two years ago when the survey included only one question on immigration out of 54.

We've made some progress; the latest Republican survey contains eight questions on immigration out of 57. But this issue still is not included in the sections on the economy (even though illegal immigrants working in the underground economy are avoiding taxes and depressing wages for Americans), or Social Security (even though Bush is still pressing for his Totalization plan to put illegal immigrants in our Social Security system), or Education (even though the taxpayers are suffering a tremendous tax burden to educate illegal immigrants).

The Republican Party's survey still fails to seek our opinions about the Kennedy Diversity Visa Lottery that admits 50,000 aliens a year mostly from non-Western countries, or the tremendous costs to the taxpayers from giving illegal immigrants free medical care or in-state college tuition rates, or the need to close our borders to contagious diseases and illegal drugs, or the need to inspect all the Mexican trucks that a NAFTA tribunal ordered us to admit into the United States, or the racket of smuggling very-pregnant immigrants into our country so they can give birth to their babies in the United States, or the use of foreign-language ballots (which is ridiculous because the ability to read English is a requirement to become a citizen and only citizens are supposed to vote).

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Feminist Fantasies.
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