Phyllis Schlafly

The National Republican Congressional Committee has mailed a survey to a selected list of grass-roots Republicans seeking opinions on "issues of greatest concern" so that the party can be strengthened "by getting more Americans involved."

Of course, it is really a fund-raiser (send your "most generous contribution"), but it is artfully designed to look like authentic market research using catchphrases such as "registered survey number," "classified document" and "data entry control number for office use only."

Whoever produced the survey must have the same worldview as Inside-the-Beltway policy wonks whose sensitivity to public opinion is bounded by the Washington Post in the morning and Dan Rather in the evening. They are clueless about what grass-roots Americans think.

Out of 54 detailed questions sorted into 13 different issues, there is only one about border security and immigration. That lone question appears at the bottom of the page titled Foreign Affairs. There is a section on homeland security, but it contains no mention of border security or immigration.

I'm going to help the Republican Congressional Committee by providing a list of 20 questions for which the answers would be helpful to party leaders.

1. Do you favor President George W. Bush's plan to give amnesty to undocumented aliens, putting people who violate our laws in line ahead of those who lawfully apply for entry?

2. Do you favor the repeal of Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's Diversity Visa Lottery, which admits 50,000 aliens per year, mostly from non-Western countries, including countries that sponsor terrorism?

3. Should the U.S. State Department stop issuing visas in countries that sponsor terrorism?

4. Do you favor closing our borders to undocumented aliens, illegal drugs and contagious diseases by whatever means necessary, including electronic fences and National Guard troops?

5. Do you favor requiring visual inspection of the contents of at least 50 percent of trucks entering the United States from Mexico and Canada, instead of the current 1 percent to 2 percent?

6. Do you favor prohibiting the State Department from negotiating a plan with Mexico to give Social Security benefits to undocumented aliens?

7. Do you favor repealing the federal requirement that hospitals must give free medical care, including scarce organ transplants, to undocumented aliens, an unfunded mandate that is bankrupting many hospitals and increasing the price of medical care to U.S. citizens?

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Feminist Fantasies.
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