Phil Kerpen

The health care law was written entirely by Democrats and passed without a single Republican vote in the Senate. When the people of Massachusetts rejected the bill in the stunning election of Scott Brown, Democrats contrived to bend the rules and force what was really no more than a draft bill into the U.S. code as is. Democrats have been in charge of implementation every step of the way, even on multiple occasions disregarding the plain text of the law when they preferred some other arrangement. (Speaking of Scott Brown, this year's version is Steve Lonegan, who could pull off his own stunning upset in New Jersey on October 16, half a month into what's expected to be a very bumpy open enrollment period under the new law. Supporting Lonegan is one of the best ways to scare Senate Democrats into stopping the health care law.)

I support defund and I also support delay. I'll support any strategy that can protect the American people from this train wreck.

There is not much time left before legislative deal-making will begin in earnest. For the sake of the American people, it's critical that opponents of the president's health care law use the limited time we have left to bring maximum pressure to bear on Senate Democrats.

Phil Kerpen

Phil Kerpen is president of American Commitment, a columnist on Fox News Opinion, chairman of the Internet Freedom Coalition, and author of the 2011 book Democracy Denied.

American Commitment is dedicated to restoring and protecting America’s core commitment to free markets, economic growth, Constitutionally-limited government, property rights, and individual freedom.

Washingtonian magazine named Mr. Kerpen to their "Guest List" in 2008 and The Hill newspaper named Mr. Kerpen a "Top Grassroots Lobbyist" in 2011.

Mr. Kerpen's op-eds have run in newspapers across the country and he is a frequent radio and television commentator on economic growth issues.

Prior to joining American Commitment, Mr. Kerpen served as vice president for policy at Americans for Prosperity. Mr. Kerpen has also previously worked as an analyst and researcher for the Free Enterprise Fund, the Club for Growth, and the Cato Institute.

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. Kerpen currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife Joanna and their daughter Lilly.