Phil Harris

Posted July 07, 2008

Liberals get their shorts tied into a knot very quickly when it is suggested that their faith is somehow diminished by the ideology they keep.

Posted June 09, 2008

This country is going to hell in a hand basket. That is a recently expressed perspective from an elder gentleman I respect.

Posted February 17, 2008

What follows is the truth, and if you have any sense left, you will consider what I have to say with your hackles down and your nostrils keenly sensitized to the odor that surrounds the lying, envious, power-lusting democrats who have had their way with you.

Posted January 19, 2008

So much of media/pundit lip flapping over the past few election cycles has been devoted to the “Evangelical” vote. The term has been loosely defined at best, if not entirely mischaracterized or downright adulterated at worst.

Posted December 30, 2007

It is a relentless quest, under no man's control. Every tick of the clock marks a step forward on the roadway that mankind knows as time.

Posted December 26, 2007

If the Republican primaries were a game of musical chairs, it would seem that there are six seats and seven players ready for the game to begin. Ambassador Alan Keyes would make it an even field of eight vying for seven chairs.

Posted December 21, 2007

The boogeyman is coming, and he is going to get someone next year, no doubt about it. Yes sir, the boogeyman is going to decide this upcoming presidential election and nothing can stop him.

Posted December 05, 2007

My next statement is one-hundred percent correct. Not one person who saw my headline thought to himself or herself, "Jesus Christ… who is that?" Perhaps some of you thought I was swearing. Others, no doubt, are offended that I should use the name of Jesus in such a manner. In any case, the name rings a bell for everyone.

Posted November 22, 2007

Abortion must be ended with all due haste, and the idea that a handful of states should allow the evil to continue is absurd. This is no less urgent than was the abolition of slavery, and in fact it is even more urgent.

Posted November 19, 2007

My little voice has given up whispering, and has taken to screaming as of late. I fear that Fred Thompson has, for whatever reason, failed to listen to his own on the subject of abortion and State's rights.

Posted November 12, 2007

It is wonderful that we have a special day to commemorate our Veterans. It is fantastic to honor those who have passed on and those who are still with us. In fact, it may be better to have a Veteran’s day every month, such as Veteran’s Tuesday or some such variation.

Posted November 08, 2007

What exactly is a Liberal anyway? He is the bleeding heart; the champion for the underdog, who is ever concerned about “the man” having too much authority over individuals. That definition must then contrast with the fat cat, money grubbing, and (nose always in my business) definition for the Conservative… right?

Posted November 02, 2007

Abortion is one of those rough spots in our midst, and regardless of which side you fall regarding how society should respond; there is virtually no argument that abortion has gnawed a serious hole in our fabric.

Posted October 27, 2007

Body Integrity Identity Disorder is an extremely odd state of mind, in which individuals desire to have one or more limbs amputated for no medical reason.

Posted October 23, 2007

There is a growing attitude about war and the defense of our nation, stoked by men such as Ron Paul, which proclaims that we have no business doing what we are doing.

Posted July 03, 2007

A group composed of a few friends and family members embarked on a bizarre adventure the other day. It was one of those moments in time, when one’s life teeters precariously on a fence.

Posted May 26, 2007

America is a big pan of water, the heat has been steadily increasing, and just like our green friends, we are heading for a boil. Some of us are sitting in a cooler part of the pan, so the cooking has not become an issue worthy of concern; however, others have noticed that their skin has begun to slough off.

Posted May 19, 2007

Freedom from religion is a delusional fantasy shared by atheists, liberals, and the varied collection of First Amendment interpreters, who see in it a prescription for religious sterility. Membership in one of these camps is required; otherwise, any individual would recognize the absurdity of stretching and molding the words of the amendment, like so much silly putty.

Posted May 12, 2007

Pompous political windbags have a distinct odor, speaking of which, reminds me of a story that you have likely heard from Uncle Dan or Grandpa Gus.

Posted May 06, 2007

Christians are often confronted with a question that is hard to answer. It is a difficult question, not because it challenges our faith in Jesus Christ; that he sealed a new Covenant with God by taking on the sins of the world, but because of our genuine desire that all should find redemption, and be justified when it is their time to stand before God.