Phil Harris

The unfortunate fact remains that regardless of how tired we are of the abortion debate, children are still being dismembered, piece by piece, in the name of reproductive healthcare. There are people running campaigns for the Presidency of this Nation who profess a great admiration for the availability of abortion, namely Barack Obama and his First Lady Wannabe wife.

Rudy Giuliani is a prime example of “abortional apathy” that is evident from professed views on the subject. His response to questions from concerned pro-life voters makes it clear that he has all the emotion of that earthworm I spoke of, at least on this subject.

Rudy’s robot meat is fully exposed. The mantra of moderates on the subject of abortion is to keep emotion out of the debate. Knowing that children are sliced and diced every day of every year, in this country and around the globe, I suppose that emotionless meat robots are to be expected. That does not mean; however, that we should stop trying to fix those tattered humanity suits as rips become evident.

Look in the mirror as you prepare for bed tonight, and ponder the image that stares back. Do you see the miraculous, emotion-fueled, I-give-a-hoot glow of humanity, or can you see expressionless robot meat, showing through the threadbare remnants of your person suit. For your sake and for the sake of millions of innocents, if you see robot meat, take steps to repair the damage immediately.

Phil Harris

Phil Harris is a software engineer, author of Cry for the Shadows and blogs at Citizen Phil.

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