Phil Harris

Each of us wears a costume, so to speak, which we alter throughout life. It is what helps us cope with those around us in a civilized intelligent manner. It sets us apart and binds us together at the same time.

When we awaken each morning, the suit goes on first thing. It is our person suit, our suit of humanity. Until we slip it on, we are little more than meat robots. Machines tuned to the business of breathing, sleeping, eating, and procreating.

Unfortunately, there are times when life becomes coarse, and abrasive. When this happens, our carefully tailored suit can fray, and our emotionless meat robot can begin to show through. Whenever I happen to get a glimpse of someone’s meat robot, I do not see the miracle of humanity; rather, I more often see the cold heart of apathy, staring blankly back at me with an expression custom made for an earthworm.

This is happening more often these days, or so it seems. Life is coarse indeed, and over the past two or three decades, much of society’s protective padding has peeled slowly away. We have all suffered abrasions, and in some of the worst cases, people’s meat robots have even begun to form calluses.

Abortion is one of those rough spots in our midst, and regardless of which side you fall regarding how society should respond; there is virtually no argument that abortion has gnawed a serious hole in our fabric.

I hear people say… “Well, I would never have one, but I could never tell someone else that they should not.” …or… “I am personally against abortion, but we should not dictate morality as a society for those who believe differently.”

I wrote the book Cry for the Shadows, hoping to cause some of the exposed robot meat to glaze over, giving it a chance to grow some fresh emotional fabric. The book tells the stories of three women who face unplanned pregnancy. It attempts to give readers a taste of powerful emotions that are always real, and that exist for good reason. Readers also get to slip into the skin of the unborn, and experience the marvels of reproductive medicine first hand.

Having embarked on this project with great conviction of purpose, what has been most perplexing is the resistance of many (even pro-life) people to the idea of reading it. I see their meat robots peering out at me as they say… I just don’t like reading stuff like that, because it bothers me.

Phil Harris

Phil Harris is a software engineer, author of Cry for the Shadows and blogs at Citizen Phil.

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