Paul  Weyrich

I am not suggesting that the military has been perfect in its conduct of the War in Iraq or that there are not valid criticisms of the way the Bush Administration has handled it. But such rank hypocrisy on the part of Congressional leaders is disturbing. It fuels a growing national divide between the military and significant portions of the population.

Many Americans are patriotic and support those who are willing to serve in harm’s way and risk the ultimate sacrifice. The problem is that there is a vocal segment of the population, including many in Congress, who are willing to use the military as a political and media football, trying to score political points at the expense of our men and women in uniform.

Americans need to remember that most of these same elected officials who so often lecture us and our military leaders about the situation in Iraq have no positive idea to contribute to the debate. They never suggest alternative strategies for the military, as Senator McCain has, that may lead to both victory and an exit. Instead, they spew hatred and arrogance and preach defeat as the only strategy that will work.

A logical explanation for this, in addition to their ideology, is that they simply have no personal experience with the military and have never thought it worth their time to wear the American uniform or work with those who have.

Paul Weyrich

Paul M. Weyrich is the late Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation.
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