Paul  Weyrich

Some of you may support some type of re-regulation upon the ground that it would rid the airwaves of raunchy material. The FCC took care of that problem by enacting far greater fines than ever in history so all stations which carry filth can be penalized. Further, the FCC ruled that if a network carried the show every affiliate must be fined. The fine was 30 times higher than the previous fines.

That was the reason that Howard Stern took himself off AM radio and on to satellite, which at this time is not regulated.

The higher fines are driving filth off of the airwaves. If you hear filth complain to the FCC. FCC likely will take care of it. The protection of children and sensitive people from raunchy radio is a wholly separate issue from the Fairness Doctrine.

Talk radio is our answer to THE NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST. Without talk radio we have very little sway over the electorate. With it our experts are interviewed. Even the views of the talk show host are challenged. Some times they don't know the facts.

WMAL Radio in Washington, D.C. carries three syndicate programs with local hosts all morning. I never cease to be amazed at the intelligence and the ability to inform of the listeners of WMAL. They have to be among the best and most informative audiences in the country. So talk-show hosts who have it wrong get chapter and verse from listeners.

The point is all of this will be gone if certain legislators have their way. Members of Congress in both the House and the Senate want to re-regulate radio. They must be stopped. We intend to do everything in our power to do prevent re-regulation.

On a separate matter, both domestic liberals and the United Nations want to tax the Internet. Some also want control over so-called bloggers, those people who have an opinion and who express it. Yes, I know the downside to the Internet. But I also know that it is a powerful tool to get out information fast. Some of the best sites are, which carries our commentaries, by the way. But the largest sites are those with a conservative viewpoint, such as Attempts will be made to tax or otherwise interfere with the Internet. I can assure you that Free Congress will be in the forefront of the fight.

Every time liberals can't get what they want though persuasion or the free market they legislate. This is true of compulsory unionism. This is true of campus groups which operate from compulsory fees from students. Now that talk radio has failed, rather than try further they want to shut down their competition. This much I can promise you. They will not get by with it without the fight of their lives.

Paul Weyrich

Paul M. Weyrich is the late Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation.
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