Paul  Weyrich

The last we heard from former Vice President Al Gore he was denouncing the Bush Administration in a shrill voice and using angry language. Gore went so far as to say that President Bush betrayed this country.

That was about the fourth version of Albert Arthur, Jr. Gore to surface in the political process. You will recall that Gore had three debates with then candidate George W. Bush in the 2000 election. In each debate Gore demonstrated a different personality, which unnerved some of the voters who ended up supporting Bush.

Now comes the fifth version of Gore (of which we are aware): Gore the movie star. Playing across the nation at a movie house near you is a scare film on global warming starring Al Gore, who claims he is divulging AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH.

The truth is that Gore has been pushing some version of global warming for more than a decade. As the great Senator James M. Inhofe (R-OK) has pointed out, the premise of global warming is based upon junk science.

While I believe we should take conservation seriously, the notion that we as a nation could return to the energy levels of 1990 is absurd. Just think of the number of cell phones, computers, laptops, IPODS, Blackberries and so on which have sprung on the scene since 1990, the year I learned to use a computer. Two of my grandchildren, one age nine and the other age seven, each have e mail addresses of their own, quite apart from Mommy and Daddy. I have five children. All five have computers. Four of the five have cell phones. Three are married. Each of the spouses have both cell phones and computers. As does Mrs. Paul.

All of this takes energy. The biggest thing on the road these days is the hybrid automobile. One of my sons just bought a brand new car. It is a hybrid, using electricity for part of the trip. Tell all of them to give up their computers or lap tops and cell phones and IPODS just so we could meet the standards of the Kyoto Treaty, which is basically designed to transfer wealth from the have-nations to the have-not nations.

So now Al Gore the movie star is pushing the phony idea which would absolutely collapse the United States economy. I am completely in support of becoming independent of oil from not only the Middle East but from those dictators all over the world who are continually figuring ways to blackmail this country. We can do that if we can drill in the Outer Continental Shelves, drill at ANWR, convert oil shale to oil big-time and convert more corn and other products to oil.

In addition, we must permit more nuclear power and invest heavily in alternative sources of fuel, such has the hydrogen cell.

Paul Weyrich

Paul M. Weyrich is the late Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation.
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